On January 8th, I got this email…

Dear Harris,

I’m writing in the hope that you can help with an urgent animal issue. I’ve met you only a few times, at Gotham events you sponsored, but am hoping you can help or direct me to someone or somewhere that can.

My friend Liz was taking care of the cats (I believe at least 20 in all — yes, I know…) of a friend in the Bronx who was grievously ill and who passed in November

Liz went so far as to move in with the woman, and spend a lot of her own meager income to help take care of the cats, get them spayed, feed them, etc. She is now at the point where she cannot stay in that apartment any more since she is not the tenant, and must find sanctuary for the cats. 
Liz has done everything anyone could ask to help these animals and keep them safe. People like her are the heart and soul of the no-kill movement. She has done so much for them, and for her friend, and it would be devastating for the cats to be turned over to the ACC. Is there anyone you can think of who can help, either financially or more importantly, to take at least one or a few of the cats into their shelter? Thank you so much for your help.

Even though I, and my rescue, Stewie to the Rescue, don’t usually get involved in situations like this, as I don’t have the foster or adoption network, I also will not turn my back on anyone (Liz sounded overwhelmed), or, any animal. 

So I asked a few cat rescues for help, with varying degrees of success (getting lots of help from PJ McKosky and his Empty Cages Collective and Aslan Cats, who will take some FELV+ cats, and a dismissive “Don’t bother me with this” email from Des Calderon of Uptown Cats). I ended up contacting the Mayor’s Alliance, but the jury’s out on how much help we can expect from them…

So, where do we stand? 

Well, first of all, it turned out, there are about 40 cats! And while the landlord is cool, we don’t know how long he’ll allow one of his apartments to be used as a cat shelter.

At this point, we’ve got about 26-28 cats still to go. These cats still haven’t been vetted so we don’t know FIV/FELV status. We will be getting them vetted in the next few weeks, which brings me to the next point…


Even at the discounted rate of $50 per cat, vaccinations, testing (leukemia, etc), and ear mite treatment is going to run us about $2,000. Then, there’s the dental – several cats have trouble eating because they desperately need dental work. That will run about $250 per cat. And we already KNOW there will be other unforeseen expenses (there are ALWAYS unforseen expenses!). I’d tell you what they are but they’re unforeseen!

I’m going to list a few cats at a time, in an effort to get them taken by rescues/adopted. Here’s the first few. If you can give us any help with any of the cats, even if it’s a lead to fosters or possible rescues that can help, please contact me at stewietotherescue @gmail.com.

And we need donations to help offset the expenses of getting these remaining cats healthy and placed. So, please, give whatever you can, and share this blog post for us! (Remember… the sharing thingys are below this post. Thanks for sharing!)


Here is the link if anyone wants to help donate for vetting of these cats – http://stewietotherescue.org/stewie-shop/


Harris Bloom


Stewie to the Rescue