This is the cover photo on the ASPCA’s Facebook page, and is also on their website…


While I think it’s great that Hennessy has been chosen to be saved, the ASPCA has got to be seriously joking if they are saying that all dogs (and cats) get the “we’ll keep you alive until you find a home” treatment. Anyone who is familiar with Oreo’s plight will be the first to call them out for this. If you’ve forgotten, here’s Nathan Winograd’s story about poor Oreo, who the ASPCA chose to kill rather than give to another rescue that would’ve tried to rehabilitate her.

This photo is just another example of this bullshit money grubbing marketing-machine blatant disregard for the truth to try to appeal to people’s emotions…

I’ve written a few times about the ASPCA’s poor record here in NYC, like here  and here. As I stated, they are well-known in New York rescue circles for coming to the NYC ACC to cherry-pick the most adoptable animals and leaving behind animals they deem as difficult.

And this doesn’t even take into account the fact that the ASPCA, rather than try to make NYC a No-Kill city when they ran the city’s shelter system, chose to cut bait and run when they realized that killing animals was hurting their precious PR.

I’d really like to get behind the ASPCA… as well all know, money talks, and I’m theoretically all for more money flowing into animal rescue. It’s just very unfortunate that those with money, seem only to be interested in making more, often at the expense of the truth.

Harris Bloom


Stewie to the Rescue