Stewie is not in the habit of asking for money via ChipIn’s… In fact, in the 2+ years, we’ve been around, we’ve NEVER set one up. We’ve always helped the animals we were able to help via our formerly collected donations/t-shirt sales/comedy show receipts. Until Dig the pug. And you guys came through, and we thank you for it.

I really didn’t want to come back to you, especially so soon, but I got this email today. And quite frankly, while I’d love you to donate to Rocky’s medical care, and be a part of helping a down-on-their-luck pet owner and their blind dog, it doesn’t really matter… Cause I’m not gonna lie… Whatever the diagnosis costs, Stewie to the Rescue will make sure it gets done. This is why we exist. 

Here is the email (and some pictures) I received spurring my call to action. I think it will make many of you want to help too. I have since talked to Christine (the owner, who is obviously extremely grateful for the help) and the vet (he is waiting for previous test results to determine course of action) –

“Rocky is a 10 year old Akita. I delivered Rocky, and at birth I knew he was special. I was married to an abusive man who hit me and Rocky would put himself between me and him and would be hit too. Eventually we left and moved back to the east coast. For a short time we lived in a shed while I got a job and saved enough money to get a place to live. Rocky is my heart and soul. He is a kind and gentle soul. Two years ago he lost his eye sight to glacoma. I noticed one night he was not himself and rushed him to the emergency vet and thats when he was diagnosed. He had injections to both eyes to stop the pressure after I tried all kinds of eye medicines to control his glaucoma. These were very expensive procedures that I am still attempting to pay off.
Rocky follows me wherever I go. Last week I noticed he was not following me and I was alone, I went to check on him and he was not feeling well. I looked him over and checked his nose to make sure it was wet and that his gums were pink. I felt his belly and it was hard as a rock. I took him to the vet near our new apartment. The vet did blood work and urine tests, and the most hurtful thing I ever heard was said. There is a possiblility he has prostate cancer. To diagnose it properly, he needs an ultra sound, than a biopsy and medication. I paid for the vet using almost every dollar of my paycheck which included my rent and food money for the week. He needed the antibiotics and I can go without for him. His blood work came back with blood in his urine. Thankfully my landlord has been understanding. Rocky is having difficulty going to the bathroom and he is in pain. He tries to wag his tail especially when I am crying for him but I know it hurts him.
Rocky is the only family I have. Without him I am alone in this world. Please help me try and save my baby. I never had children he is my child. He is the reason I breathe, I go to work and cry thinking what more can i do to help him. He is about to need a refill on his medication and I can not afford it I do not want him to suffer, but I am hungry and I need to pay a little of the rent atleast. With a little help I can get my baby what he needs to live. He defended me when my ex-husband would beat me. We gave each other comfort when we lived in a run down shed with no electric or plumbing. Now we have a nice place to live and I feel I am letting him down by not getting him the medical attention he needs because I can not afford the expensive tests. Please help me save my baby, I love him so much and he is all I have in this world.”


bee rockrockys birthday

I think it’s pretty obvious why I (we?) have to help.

Please donate using THIS link and click that it is for Rocky. If you can’t donate using that link for some reason, use our email at Anything you give will help Rocky, and will also help us help more animals like Rocky. Don’t forget, all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

The doctor said it’s tough to say, but the ultrasound (or sonogram), cell aspiration, possible x-rays, sedation, etc will cost around $1,000. I will keep track of all donations, as I did for Dill the pug, in the comment section.


Harris Bloom


Stewie to the Rescue