You know, so many cases that Stewie to the Rescue takes on, end poorly.

Part of it is because since we help low income individuals, they don’t have the money to go to a a vet, so they often wait to get their pet treated, hoping that whatever was wrong with them will go away on its own.

Of course, that rarely happens.

What happens is the animal’s condition worsens and what was very easily treatable, becomes a complicated life-threatening ailment.

Sometimes, we’re too late, through no fault of the owner. Heck, when my Kilo was diagnosed with cancer, there was little warning that something was very wrong until the previous day when he spat blood (fuckin’ stoic pitties). And that’s what I thought happened with Rocky.

As mentioned last week, I got an email about Rocky and his owner, Christine, their history together, and his symptoms. They were looking for help paying for him to go to a vet for a diagnosis. Without batting an eye, I responded that Stewie will pay the whole tab. I wrote the blog, and thanks to you guys who responded with donations, Stewie didn’t go too much in the hole for it.

This is the email I got from Christine following the vet visit…

He did an ultra sound and a biopsy today on Rocky. Rocky is such a good boy they did not have to sedate him to do the procedure. When I went to take him home and he heard my voice he came running towards me wagging his tail and kissing me and I kissed him. He has two masses on his prostate, they took biopsies and sent them to the lab. Also he has a mass in his testicle and it is putting pressure on his veins and his leg is slightly swollen. They sent me home with seven days of medicine an anti inflamitory a pain med and one of his anti biotics. Rimadyl 100mg twice a day with food, baytril 136mg 1 every 12 hours, Amoxicillin 500mg twice a day.
I do not want to lose him and the way the vet spoke today there seems like little hope. I drove home crying my eyes out and Rocky was enjoying the ride and even kissed me. I have to believe there is hope for him, there has to be.
Rocky had not eaten since midnight, we got home around 5pm. He ate a full bowl of food drank a lot of water and now he is sleeping and occasionally he gets up to do his rounds and check that everything is okay. I love Rocky with all my heart, he is my heart. I have been with him since he took his first breath. He has loved and protected me for almost 11 years, I owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion by doing everything in my power to help him.
I hope you understand how grateful Rocky and I are for your help and we will do whatever you need us to do.
Thank you and good night,
Rocky & Christine

As you can read, it didn’t look good. Christine cried a lot over the weekend. I stopped accepting donations on Facebook for Rocky’s care as I feared the worst when the results came back and didn’t want you guys to pay for what I thought was going to be Rocky’s euthanasia.

Then, I got this email from Christine this morning…

IT IS NOT CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!     I am crying from joy!  He needs to be neutered, the vet will discuss more with me later.  He does need surgery immediatetly one of the grows they found on his prostate is a cystI jumped online at work real fast.  I am waiting for the surgeon to give me a call this is a beautiful day.  I can not thank you enough my baby will not suffer because of your help.  We are eternally greatful and look forward to helping you in the future.

For once, I was pleasantly surprised…

Stewie will help pay for the surgery, and if anyone else wants to help, I will reopen donations for Rocky’s care….

Sorry to get all corny on ya, but Rocky’s update puts me in the mood for this…

Rock On,

Harris Bloom


Stewie to the Rescue