Dill is an 8 month old pug puppy. The people who originally owned him when their pug (Dug) gave birth to puppies, gave him to a co-worker. Recently, this co-worker asked them if they could watch Dill.

They ended up taking him to the vet because he couldn’t walk and looked super skinny. The vet had some not-so-great things to say about how Dill was treated.

The vet determined that he had been kicked in the larynx and in the side so hard he now has air inside him. The biggest issue is that his rear hip joint is shattered from abuse, leaving his leg basically unattached at the hip. His poor little body is growing incorrectly to compensate for the injury. After doing some checking around, the original owners found out he was tied to a tree for hours at a time. Needless to say, they weren’t about to give Dill back. The problem now is how to fix Dill.

The vet bills for his required surgeries are around $3000. The family who took him back is unable to pay such a large bill and could use our help to fix this little guy and keep him safe. Any amount donated in Dill’s name will go towards his care, up until we reach the required amount. All donations are tax deductible. If by chance we go over the required amount the funds will go into Stewie to the Rescue’s fund and will be used to help other animals in need. When donating please indicate that you are doing so for Dill, so that we can keep track of money raised. Thank you so much for any help you can give to this sweet animal. Any amount helps!

Also, if you can, leave a comment on this post indicating how much you gave so we can keep track that way as well…

Here is a link to donate.

Addiitonal Note – We don’t pay the owner. We only pay the vet (and that’s after checking him/her out) to add another layer of confidence that the money is going to help Dill. Also, Stewie does not pay the entire bill as we feel the owner should have some capacity to deal with medical issues, so we pay part, and advise on other methods of raising the remainder of the funds required (like taking out a loan via Care Credit)


Harris Bloom