Hey all, come on out this Tuesday, April 22nd to Gotham Comedy Club (23rd Street and 7th Ave) for an AWESOME comedy show, benefiting two great animal rescues, my Stewie to the Rescue, and Boxer Angels Rescue!

The show starts at 8 (ish)… There’ll be a raffle and tons of fun!


4-22-14 Boxer Rescue at GothamHope to seeya there!

Harris Bloom


Stewie to the Rescue


Hey all, our next Comedy Night fundraiser will be on Thursday evening, April 17th, at Broadway Comedy Club in New York City.

It’s gonna be a fantastic show benefitting not only Stewie to the Rescue but Earth Angels Canine Rescue!


4-17-14 Earth Angels


I never met Miss Bow, in fact, I only know of her due to an SOS from a Facebook friend of mine. On behalf of my friend, I wrote this blog requesting help for her.

We received less than $100 total in donations, making it very difficult to get her healthy and for the continued care she’d need. Especially considering my friend does not have the financial wherewithal either. She wrote to over 120 rescues asking for help. The only responses she got back were sending her to the same two places, both of whom didn’t return her calls.

Eventually, she did get in touch with a rescue that came to evaluate Miss Bow. They took her, but after checking her medical records, returned her to my friend, recommending that she be put down.

Miss Bow needed $6K in surgeries to her hip and right shoulder, injuries that left her in constant pain, and had bone lesions that may’ve been cancerous. She also would’ve needed extensive rehab, which would’ve been a challenge, given that she was fear aggressive (Miss Bow apparently bit someone at the rescue, drawing blood, though she never bit my friend – probably felt comfortable with her).

Though my friend felt she had no choice, she was still devastated, after all, she saved Miss Bow from someone who was going to put her down. In addition, the thought of an anxious Miss Bow in a cage at the Humane Society unknowingly about to get The Needle, and then being restrained was making my friend sick to her stomach.

Stewie to the Rescue paid so that Miss Bow to be euthanized at my friend’s home, where she felt safe. We also paid for her ashes to go to my friend.

From my friend…

“It’s been a crazy month but I’m starting to think she found us because she needed to feel spoiled. She was terrified of her owners so maybe she needed to feel decompressed and comfortable. She got the vet attention she required and had antlers and love from everyone here. At least now I know there was no other option. I tried my best…. The doctor sat on the floor with us afterwards and explained how much pain she’s probably been in. Bow was serenely peaceful thoroughout the whole ordeal. We had to muzzle her but she acted more calm and relaxed than I’ve ever seen her behave. I think she knew. She had to have.”

You may wonder why I wrote this obituary for this dog, given that thousands of dogs (and cats) die daily, some that Stewie has helped.

I dunno, but I think it’s because after writing my blog about Miss Bow and circulating it the best I could, no one ever asked about her.

RIP Miss Bow





This is Miss Bow (The big mush); she desperately needs some compassion…

photo 2

Miss Bow, located in Phoenix, Arizona, was given less than one day to find a new home before her former family would have inevitably “put her down” due to financial constraints. My friend, Brittany, wouldn’t let that happen so she took Miss Bow in herself.

Bow is a Neapolitan Mastiff, and at the young age of 3, has found herself without a home and in dire need of vet attention. Her previous owners neglected to update her vaccinations for over a year, treat her hip dysplasia or medicate her for her Valley Fever.

For anyone unfamiliar with Valley Fever, it is a respiratory disease that dogs contract from spores found in the soil of the southwestern desert. It can spread to other parts of a dogs’ body and can be life threatening. Once a dog gets Valley Fever, she will have it for life. In Bow’s case she will need to be treated with 800 MG of Fluconazole a day. Coupled with her hip dysplasia, Bow’s Valley Fever is making it very uncomfortable to move around and she gets stiff even when laying down.

As of today, no rescue that my friend has reached out to will take Bow. In an effort to start her rehabilitation we need funds to get her on the right pills for her pain management, to get her up-to-date on all of her shots, and to pay for other necessities including private training. Our hope is that by getting her started, there will be a higher chance that a rescue will step in and get her on track to find her forever home. The total for Bow’s first visit is $524.50. This covers her physical exam, K-9 Combo with Corona, Bordatella, rabies, valley fever screen/titer, her pain medication for one month and fluconazole for one month. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Miss Bow was not socialized properly and exhibits fear-based aggression when encountering new situations. At 130 lb., this is a huge liability. She would do best with some one-on-one professional training. She also needs new large antlers to chew on (we’ve found she shreds through everything else), a new easy walk harness, a waterproof orthopedic bed for her crate, and will need her meds refilled on a monthly basis ($300/month). Without your help, Bow’s hope at getting into a rescue let alone a forever home is looking like a lost cause.

photo 1


Please help by donating to Bow’s rehabilitation. If you can’t donate please help us by spreading the word to rescues that may be willing to take on this gentle giant, who is currently located in Phoenix, AZ. I know that this is no small challenge and for such a big girl, it’s really going to take an army.

You can donate towards Miss Bow’s care via Stewie to the Rescue’s website HERE. We are a 501c3 so all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

We also need to find a rescue willing to take her. If there’s anyone in the Phoenix area who may be able to help, please contact me and I will pass on your info.

Thank you…

Harris Bloom


Stewie to the Rescue



Remember when Stewie helped out a cat hoarding situation in The Bronx? Well, that was nothing compared to what we’re undertaking in 2014. Get ready for Glen’s Cats

As many in the animal rescue community know, the homeless dog/cat situation in Puerto Rico is pervasive and heartbreaking. Though there’s a documentary titled “100,000″ for the number of homeless dogs on the island, The Sato Project has estimated the number as closer to 250,000. They also estimate the shelter kill rate at 99%. The island of Puerto Rico even has a place referred to as Dead Dog Beach. The animal cruelty is astonishing (here’s a horrific example committed by taxpayer financed animal control programs). As usual, most of the articles written about the problems focus on dogs. But the fact is that the cat situation is just as bad, if not worse. And that’s where Glen comes in…

Glen Venezio, who was born in New Jersey and spent many years living in New York, has been a one man army, feeding between 150-200 stray cats on a daily basis for the past seven years in a part of San Juan called Santurce and Isla Verde. It takes him  between eight and ten hours hours a day (depending on the heat).

Not content to only feed the cats, he also does TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), in an attempt to find some sort of longer term solution. In addition, he often works with the local police on animal abuse/cruelty cases. In fact, – Glen told me that animal abuse is down due to his involvement and activism, which makes sense as he’s well known in the area.


Thanks to the higher pet food costs in Puerto Rico (It all has to be shipped via freight), it costs Glen about $1800 a month to feed the cats, $1500 if he gives each cat barely enough to survive.  He tried mail order, but the food savings are eaten by the increased mail order costs. He also prefers buying the more expensive wet food to dry as some of the cats vomit the dry food while others have teeth issues. He also wants to give them the better tasting wet food as food is oftentimes their only joy.


Googling him, I found this, that he wrote on a Yahoo Group board late last year…

Every day doing this work with cats in the street, is a day on the edge of not being able to continue taking care of them.  I made a commitment to these animals over 6 1/2  years ago, a commitment that I honor every single day by walking out my door at 4 am to the cats, when I am tired, when I am not feeling well, when it is pouring rain outside, etc.    This commitment has brought me to experience extreme personal loss, loss of whole blocks of time of my life, always feeling extremely tired, always worrying about the security and health of the animals in the street, using almost all of my money to take care of the cats, never getting enough donations or help, etc.  

All of this loss has also brought extreme rewards, the joy of seeing these animals continue to be able to have a life, the joy of seeing them well fed and with fresh water to drink in the very hot humid weather of Puerto Rico, the small victories I feel when I am able to prevent acts of cruelty toward them, by either personally intervening or bringing the police to warn the people and inform them of the laws against animal cruelty in Puerto Rico, the happiness when holding some of the cats in my arms, etc.

The rewards far outweigh all the losses, but I am in a state of anxiety to always worry where the next 65 dollars will come from, the cost it requires daily to take care of all these animals each and every day.


Though Glen originally moved to Puerto Rico because he has a Puerto Rican partner, he has stayed only because he worries what would become of the cats if he disappeared. I’m going to post an interview with him in the next few days but as you can already tell, he’s constantly exhausted, burnt out, and has little support.

I was asked to help Glen by Elizabeth Forel, who runs an org trying to get horse drawn carriages banned in Central Park if I can help him out. She knows about Glen through Jane Velez-Mitchell, who is a big animal rights supporter, having appeared on her TV show. Jane has been friends with Glen for years, helping her put together animal related stories for her show).

Though I’m not going to be able to solve his problem, I’m going to do what I can to help. For starters, all of the proceeds from the next comedy night fundraiser that I do, on February 18, at Gotham Comedy Club, will go towards Glen’s Cats.

I’m also collecting donations to send to Glen, both for food (I will send gift cards to Wal Mart or Pet Smart), as well as for spay/neuter work. Please donate HERE and note it’s for Glen’s Cats.

From Glen and I, thank you for reading and thanks to those who donate.

Harris Bloom





Come on out to Gotham Comedy Club  this Wednesday, January 15th at 8 PM for our monthly comedy night fundraiser!

It is a joint benefit, with proceeds being split between Stewie to the Rescue and our friends at Goosewatch NYC!

The cover is $20, and there’s a two drink minimum.

Please make a reservation by calling Gotham at 212-367-9000 or by buying tickets HERE.

Comedy Night!

Harris Bloom

Founder/President/Stand Up Comedian

Stewie to the Rescue



First of all, man, I suck… When was my last blog entry, like two months ago (Close)?!? I’d love to say that the frequency of my blog posts will increase in 2014, but, who am I kidding… I’m actually gonna be busier than ever so I don’t wanna make promises (again) I can’t keep…


2013 was a big year for Stewie to the Rescue. Although I haven’t done a final accounting yet, monies raised from donations/events just about doubled from 2012 levels, to about $30K. Obviously, this led to us being able to help a lot more animals and rescues. Here are some of the “higher profile” cases we helped with…

♦ We used “ChipIn” for the first time to help Rocky, a ten year old blind Akita, owned by Christine, a woman who was broke after leaving an abusive husband (Rocky used to get between her and her husband when he struck her). As Christine said, Rocky is all she has in the world, he is her child, the reason she breathes. Naturally, upon hearing her story, and about the hard lump on Rocky’s stomach, Stewie made sure Rocky at least went to the vet to get a diagnosis and treatment.

Thankfully, the lump turned out to be non-cancerous! Stewie paid for the surgery and after a touch and go week or so (you know how worried us animal lovers are when our pet aint quite right), this story had a very happy ending. Here’s a snippet of Christine’s final email to me…

I can never thank you and your wonderful friends enough for helping me save Rocky’s life. Without your help the doctor would have gone through with his original plan, that was to put Rocky down. Those were the worst seven days of my life. Thank you for giving me so many more days and hopefully years with the best thing that ever happened to me, my Rocky.
If you need any volunteers or help with anything please know I am willing an able to do whatever you ask.
All three of us could never thank you enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with Rocky. We deeply love you and are grateful that you entered our lives

UPDATE – As I try to do, I recently reached out to Christine for an update. In early December she wrote that she and Rocky are doing well, and that she’s enrolled in college to finish her medical degree.


♦ I got involved in a cat hoarding situation in The Bronx. A Facebook friend wrote me that her friend, Liz Shaw, was taking care of 40+ cats in an abandoned apartment (and they weren’t even hers – the original hoarder had passed away). Liz was a friend of hers, who promised to take care of them) and was becoming overwhelmed (not easy to travel almost daily from Brooklyn to The Bronx to feed and change letter boxes when you also have a job). If you want to read how Liz got involved, read this post.

Things even got dicier when the landlord gave us a month to get them out! Yikes! (BTW – Can’t really blame him – I mean, the place was REALLY in a state of disrepair and, thanks to the cats, a powerful ammonia smell permeated the outside hallway.)

UPDATE – We obviously got all the cats out, though many were too shy/feral to be adopted. We’ve got several at Community Cats in Westchester (whom Stewie pays monthly for taking in the cats) and Liz took five or six in her apartment (a couple are adoptable if anyone’s interested!) – Stewie gives Liz a PetCo gift card every few months to help pay for cat food/treats. And thankfully, Liz has her life back…

♦ A fellow rescuer (Erica Daniel) who runs Dolly’s Foundation in Florida had received an email from a couple about to be evicted from their apartment in Ozone Park, Queens and they were worried about what would become of May, their pit bull, as homeless shelters do not allow dogs (much less pitties). Making matters worse, May was reactive with other dogs and was too energetic to be in a place with young children.  Erica wondered if Stewie could help…

We found a boarding facility on the date of eviction, however, May had to be removed because she was too tough to handle.  Eventually, we had no choice but to buy a large crate and place May with the owner’s mom, who already had a small dog in a very small apartment.  This solution was temporary at best, as it also jeopardized the apartment lease.

Thankfully, this story had a VERY happy ending. Not only were we able to find a spot for May at Northwind Kennels (also home to Community Cats – Man, Penelope really saved us a few times this year!) BUT, her owners were able to get jobs there (one paid and one volunteer) with free boarding!

UPDATE – They are all still there.

There were many other special cases of people and their pets, some were found on Craigslist, some were war veterans, and some were homeless. There are also the dozens of “regular” cases, like when I get a call or e-mail from Garo at the Low Cost Vet Mobile (Parent is Companion Animal Network) with a client who cant afford surgery for their dog or cat. The fact is, if we don’t help, that family pet likely dies (Garo saw many people surrender their sick pet to the shelter before we came into existence)…

The link that binds all of these is that without your help, the endings may not have been as happy as there’s no way I would’ve been able to help as much as I did.

So, thanks.

Looking ahead, you never know what kind of cases/situations we’ll get but know that no matters what comes up, our goal is to never turn anyone away.

Harris Bloom


Stewie to the Rescue

P.S. 2013 was also the year that this happened…







UPDATE – Sunday, November 24 – As should be expected, it is taking a little longer than expected to secure housing for Rick, therefore, we need to keep Klaus in boarding, and therefore, I am re-opening the donation page for them. It’s also my birthday (tomorrow) so you can make my 46th one extra special by giving something, whatever it is, whether it be $4.60, $46, $460 or $4,600 (I can dream!) Here’s the link – Help Klaus!



UPDATE – Thursday, November 14 - Thanks to you guys, we have received donations more or less equaling payments to the vet that Stewie to the Rescue has made. It would be dishonest for me to continue to ask for more. I will obviously keep everyone appraised of Klaus and Rick’s progress (and if more donations are needed ;-)) Thank you all!


There’s a saying, “You may not be able to change the world, but you can change the world for one person (dog).” This is basically what my rescue, Stewie to the Rescue, tries to do.

Here’s what I’m working on now (and we can use your help) -

A couple of days ago, a freelance rescuer friend of mine, Claudia Duque, sent me this email (It was info from her and Paula Rossi, who also took the pics at the bottom)

“Rick and his Rottweiler Klaus have been on the streets of NYC for about 3 months as of today. Rick who is in his 60’s told me his lease was not renewed and before he knew it they were both on the street. Rick felt he would be able to find something even if it was a basement situation where he and the dog could wait out the winter before he found something better. Never having been on the street before he had no idea how expensive housing is and that his Rottweiler, Klaus, would limit any options he found. He vowed never to be separated from his dog so the days turned into weeks and then months waiting for a opportunity for shelter.

As a large dog lover, seeing Klaus in the streets in my neighborhood brought my attention to this very sad chapter in their lives. I have been trying to support these two for about a month now and in that time I have seen Klaus losing weight and on some days he has swollen eyes (from sleeping in the dust?) and dark urine. Rick would like to get vet care for his dog but being homeless has made this impossible on so many levels. The goal would be to get Klaus healthy and find shelter these two. A very first step is to support Klaus in getting him much needed health care. Then some sort of in-kind goods to keep them warm and safe on the street. Last but not least a shelter were Rick and his dog can ride out the winter and the tools to make shelter for the both of them permanent. ”

After I agreed to pay for the vet, Lori Carpino, who runs Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue, took Klaus to Liberty Animal Clinic. As they were about to close and Klaus wasn’t too keen on being examined, it was decided that he will stay the vet (with Rick’s blessing) for a few days as not only is the cold taking its toll on Klaus, but he will need to be sedated for examination.  Klaus has what looks like a tumor which we’re hoping is benign, as well as something ear related and who knows what else…The testing (so far) has been estimated as costing $636, which Stewie to the Rescue is paying.

Stewie is committed to helping this pup (and the owner) but would love to have some help.

As mentioned, we’ve already paid over $600 towards Klaus’s vet bill. We are committed to paying it no matter what it runs. Naturally, we’d love some help as we depend on donations to help others, so, in order to help with Klaus’s vet bill, you can make a donation HERE.

Since you are donating through Stewie, any donation you make is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

In addition, we have to help Rick find a place to live in the general NYC. If anyone has a lead in that regard (and he WILL NOT be separated from his pup, so the building needs to accept large dogs), please write me at stewietotherescue@gmail.com.

If you want to help Rick pay for an apartment (while he has some income from disability, he obviously doesn’t have a lot), Claudia has set up a fund. You can donate HERE (Note – This is NOT a Stewie to the Rescue related donation so it isn’t tax deductible)

And as you can guess, time is of the essence here as New Yorkers as well aware, Winter is here.


1419_10202410388040298_1342693000_n1376493_10202410392840418_1279148689_nKlaus3Klaus5 Klaus4 Klaus2


Harris Bloom


Stewie to the Rescue


Come on out, Wednesday, November 13th, for our JOINT fundraiser for Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue and Stewie to the Rescue!

All of the $20 cover goes to our two rescues (there is also a two-drink min)

Comics scheduled to perform include…

HARRIS BLOOM (Founder/President of Stewie to the Rescue)

CHARLES MCBEE (web series – “It’s a Chucked Up Life”)

ADAM OLIENSIS (winner – 2013 Paramount Theater Stand Up Star Search)

MICHAEL SOMERVILLE (Late Show w/ David Letterman)

RC SMITH (The Chew)


Heavenly Angels Animal Shelter facilitates the placement of animals from puppy mills, owner surrenders, high kill shelters, or just abandoned and place them in desirable loving homes; Until then, we will provide and maintain a shelter for them and provide food, shelter and health care. All of our animals are spay/neutered .The animals in our care, are our guests, and are never euthanized merely because we lack space or because the animal’s stay with us has exceeded a predefined amount of time. We are non-profit and able to do this only through the help of our volunteer and donations

Stewie to the Rescue! was founded in 2010 by a group of anmial lovers who recognized that the prohibitive cost of space, training, and health care is leading to the unnecessary abandonment and euthanization of scores of adoptable pets. To the end, Stewie to the Rescue! is dedicated to helping the neediest cases by providing emergency funding and raising awareness.


11-13-13 Heavenly Angels Gotham