About Stewie

Stewie was my first dog.

Stewie, my first love and my inspiration.

Stewie, my first love and my inspiration.

Whenever I tell people that, they probably think I was six years old, but I was 36.  So you can only imagine how excited I was when the day finally came and I brought Stewie home. He had me wrapped around his, um, paw from the start.

Stewie soon became a Rock Star at the dog run. He would play fetch for hours at a time…and always managed to catch the ball, even in midair.  Walking around the neighborhood, I would hear kids squeal, “Hey! There’s Stewie!”

I loved the lil’ guy so much that I started using vacation days and sick time from work to play with him. I also put the brakes on my (fledgling) comedy career to hang out with him more. Fact was, I preferred his company.  Comedy club owners never licked my face when I entered their clubs.

Eventually, I met Josie, fell in love and we got married (and luckily for me, Stewie approved). The three of us moved to a new apartment, located near Riverside Park so taking Stewie out for exercise would be easy.

A month and a day after getting married, and one day after my birthday, Stewie and I were playing catch in the park during off-leash hours (7-9 AM). For some reason, Stewie got spooked and started running. I didn’t catch up to him until he was out of the park, lying in the middle of Riverside Drive after being struck by a car. He was four years old.

I started Stewie to the Rescue! to honor Stewie’s memory in the hope that we can help others save a member of their family.

Harris Bloom
President, Founder