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We're a movement of animal lovers providing resources to help pets and the people who love them.

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Stewie to the Rescue can't exist without your generous support. Every dollar of your donation goes to help pets in need.

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Who's Stewie?

From the moment I met him, Stewie had me wrapped around his little paw. He was my friend and my inspiration. This is our story.


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Stewie to the Rescue (Stewie!) has two primary goals:

* Make sure that no pet is ever relinquished to a NYC kill shelter due to the expense of their medical care, and

* That no rescue group is ever prevented from saving an animal’s life because of a lack of funds when a foster family or adoptive family is available.

Through partnership with a mobile veterinary clinic, Stewie helps to bring affordable spay and neuter services, wellness services, and emergency and surgical care to pet owners who otherwise would not be able to afford even the most routine and essential veterinary visits.

Stewie also helps animal rescues save more lives, by providing funding for animal rescue groups to get animals out of the NYC shelter system and into homes. Stewie eases the burden on rescues by helping with expenses such as veterinary care, obedience or remedial dog training, even emergency boarding while a rescued pet waits for a foster or finds their forever home.